Cost friendly


Optimise your shipping costs and efficiency with groupage transport, the perfect solution for smaller loads.

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The big work

Full freight

Maximise your cargo with full freight transport, ideal for large quantities of goods that need to be transported quickly and safely.

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Exceptional transport

Choose our exceptional transport service for moving large and heavy loads, tailored to your unique needs.

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The fastest

Express Transport

Speed up your delivery with express transport, where reliability and speed are key for urgent shipments.

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Extensive European Network

Strategic European Partnerships

La Carreta builds on over 40 years of experience in delivering versatile logistical solutions across Europe. Strategically located in Wetteren (Belgium), we excel in providing customised transport services, ranging from local shipments to large-scale international deliveries. With our extensive network of reliable European partners, we ensure efficient and customer-focused transport. Choose La Carreta as your ideal partner for all your European transport needs.

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Broad logistical experience

Diverse Transport Solutions

At La Carreta, you will find a wide range of transport services, from groupage and full freight shipping to exceptional and express transport. With daily departures to destinations such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and more, we guarantee efficiency and reliability in your logistical needs. Whether it involves refrigerated trucks, tautliners, box trailers, or volume trucks, our team ensures the perfect match between your cargo and the ideal transport method. Discover how La Carreta can solve your European transport challenges.

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At La Carreta, we understand that every transport need is unique. That is why we offer personalised solutions that perfectly fit your specific requirements and budget. With our expertise in efficient logistical planning and finding the most cost-effective solutions, we ensure that your cargo is transported in the most affordable and timely manner. Let us turn your logistical challenges into successful deliveries. Request your quote now and experience the optimal service of La Carreta.

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La Carreta is your partner for European transport

Small shipments

Customised solutions for small shipments, ideal for independent entrepreneurs like furniture sellers. At La Carreta, we understand the importance of every package, regardless of size. Our flexible groupage service ensures quick and affordable deliveries across Europe. Whether it’s large or small parcels, we ensure efficient and safe delivery to your desired destination.

Urgent and Exceptional Transport

Do you need a very large and/or urgent transport, for example, to keep your production line running? La Carreta offers fast and reliable solutions for large, urgent shipments. Our express transport services guarantee timely delivery, preventing costly downtime. Rely on us for your urgent logistical needs and keep your business operations smooth and uninterrupted. We also cater to exceptional transport requirements.

European Partnership

Do you have questions about import regulations within Europe and how they might affect your shipment? La Carreta is your expert in European logistics. With our numerous European partners and over 40 years of expertise, we ensure smooth and compliant delivery of your goods. Our experienced team is ready to answer all your questions and determine the most efficient transport routes for your European trade.