About La Carreta

Our Origins

Over forty years ago, in 1981, La Carreta started as a small yet dedicated transport company in Antwerp (Belgium). Initially, our focus was on transport to and from Spain, a specialisation that perfectly reflects the meaning behind our name, ‘The little cart‘ in Spanish. Over the years, our expertise expanded, making us the ideal choice for all your packages and cargo within Europe.


Our growth into other European countries, driven by customer satisfaction, personal service, and a commitment to quality, brought us to Wetteren (Belgium). This location, ideally situated near the E40 motorway between Ghent and Aalst, enhances our capacity in European logistics.


Under the leadership of John Vanhove and Stefaan Joos, La Carreta maintains its status as an independent European transport company. With a history of dedication to quality and reliability, La Carreta is known for its professional yet personal approach, making it the ideal partner for customised solutions in European logistics.

Our services

Our Strengths

At La Carreta, customised logistical solutions are the standard. As a partner for both small local businesses and large international companies, we offer a service that seamlessly matches your unique logistical requirements. Our years of in-house expertise, combined with a clear vision and extensive practical experience, enable us to deliver the ideal solution for your transport needs.


Our approach is always focused on fulfilling the specific needs and wishes of each customer, achieving an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction. La Carreta stands out for its customer-centric structure, a ‘no-nonsense’ mentality, and a deep personal commitment to every project.


Our strength lies in our extensive network of reliable European partners, allowing us to offer flexible, efficient, and cost-effective logistical services throughout Europe. Choose La Carreta for your European transport and logistics needs, and experience why we are considered an essential player in European logistics.

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