The Services of La Carreta

La Carreta offers you a wide range of transport services within Europe, from groupage and full truckloads to exceptional transport and express shipments. There are daily departures within the Benelux to and from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and more.


La Carreta guarantees efficiency and reliability for all your logistical needs. Whether it involves refrigerated trucks, tautliners, open trailers, or box trailers, our team ensures the perfect match between your cargo and the ideal transport method. Discover below how La Carreta can solve your European transport challenges.

Groupage: Efficient and Affordable Solution for Small Loads

At La Carreta, we understand the importance of efficiency and cost savings in transport and logistics. Our groupage service is designed for customers who cannot fill a full truckload, by safely combining multiple small shipments. This results in a cost-effective and personalised solution, regardless of the size of your load.


With our daily departures for your smaller shipments to various destinations in Southern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe, we always offer a custom solution. Our groupage service is popular due to its short transit times and extensive tracking capabilities.


Choose La Carreta for your groupage transport needs and benefit from our years of experience. Our team ensures that your goods reach their destination in an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious manner.

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Full Freight: Your Cargo, Our Priority

La Carreta ensures safe and direct transport solutions. Our full truckload service is specifically designed for customers with substantial loads, where a complete container is dedicated exclusively to your shipment. This guarantees not only increased security and extra protection for your goods but also the most efficient and fastest delivery.


We offer daily departures across all of Europe with a wide range of tautliners and box trailers. For goods that are better suited for loading on an open flatbed trailer, we also have solutions ready. Our years of experience have led to a full freight procedure with minimal transit times and maximum safety.


Choose La Carreta’s full freight service for a safe, discreet, and rapid solution to your large-scale transport needs. We guarantee a service where your cargo is our top priority, combined with a commitment to speed and reliability.

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Exceptional Transport: Custom Solutions for Your Special Shipments

The team at La Carreta understands that some shipments fall outside standard dimensions and have specific requirements. That is why our exceptional transport service is meticulously tailored for loads with oversized dimensions or that require special care.


We offer solutions for all your oversized transports within the Benelux and throughout other parts of Europe. Over the years, we have gained experience in transporting agricultural vehicles, cranes, machinery, industrial installations, and much more.


Successfully transporting such exceptional loads requires precise planning and specialised knowledge. La Carreta expertly navigates the complexities of permits and regulations, ensuring a seamless and safe transport experience from start to finish. Our team conducts careful inspection and labelling of your goods while planning the safest and most efficient transport routes.

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Express Transport: Speed and Reliability Guaranteed

At La Carreta, we treat every shipment as a priority, but for those moments when time is of the essence, our express transport service is the ideal choice. This service is specifically developed for time-critical shipments.


Whether it involves urgent documents, sensitive medical supplies, or last-minute large parts, La Carreta’s express transport is perfectly equipped to meet your urgent needs. With efficient logistical processes and an extensive network by land, sea, and air, we guarantee that your shipment will be delivered on time and safely.


Choose La Carreta today and benefit from our competitive express service with delivery across all of Europe.

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Warehouse: Short and Long-Term Storage of Your Goods

La Carreta offers comprehensive warehouse services for both temporary and long-term storage of your goods. Our modernly equipped warehouses provide safe and reliable storage solutions for a wide range of products, from industrial materials to consumer goods. With advanced security systems and climate control, we ensure optimal conditions for your goods.


Thanks to strategic locations across Europe, we offer quick and easy access to your stored goods. Our flexible solutions are suitable for temporary storage during peak seasons and long-term storage as part of your supply chain strategy.


Choose La Carreta for your warehousing needs and benefit from support at every step, from receiving and storage to order picking and distribution.

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